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Teddy's Scarf, crocheted in black TLC Amore and white TLC Baby, edged with black Lion Brand Fun Fur! Completed in time for Teddy to go out looking at Christmas lights on December 21st, 2004.



Another "Easiest Shawl Ever", made with Bernat's Soft Bouclé, Natural. This was a Christmas present for my MIL. Completed December 2004.



Little crocheted muffler made from white and scarlet acrylic worsted weight yarn with red Lion Brand Fun Fur edging. Christmas present for Monkey, being modeled by Fuzz. Completed December 2004.

And here is Monkey wearing the scarf! Be sure to check out his entire site!



Lapghan crocheted for Monk for Christmas, made from Red Heart Plush in Navy. Completed December 2004.


Loom-knitted hat with brim done in Lion Brand Homespun, Deco colour
Long narrow scarf (also loom knitted) to match hat above, in LB Homespun, Deco. Both projects done in December 2004.

I never liked the scarf, so in August 2007 I completely frogged it and crocheted this keyhole scarf from the yarn instead:


Fingerless gloves/muffatees knitted of the same yarn
to complete the above set. August 2007.


Scarf being done in Lion Brand Microspun sport weight yarn, French Vanilla, on #4 needles. 2 x 2 rib stitch. As of December 27, 2004. As of May 2005, it had been totally frogged and started over. It will be garter stitch for 15 inches on each end, with a 2 x 2 rib stitch of 10 inches in the middle. [EDIT June 4, 2006: Project totally frogged and abandoned]



My Raspberry Lapghan, made from Caron Simply Soft Raspberry and Victorian Rose, crocheted over Yuletide, completed January 2, 2005. A Child's Christmas in Wales, read aloud by Cat'r, is in this.








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All photographs copyright Joanna M. Phillips 2004-2008 except for one of me modeling keyhole scarf, copyright J. T. Crawford 2007-2008, used with permission