Photos from the Life of

Kent Moomaw


Kent at his trusty Royal typewriter High school photo


October 11, 1940 - October 13, 1958


 This is my brother, whose pen I talk about over on this other page. Kent was fairly well-known in SF fandom back in the 1950's. His sudden death, ruled a suicide, in 1958 at the age of 18 was a shock to all.


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Mama, Kent, Carol Kent, Daddy, Carol, Youngstown, Ohio Kent & Carol, Peabody Ave.
Kent (R), Carol, Kent's friends, Peabody Ave. Early morning, Peabody Ave. Kent & Daddy
Kent & Patti, Youngstown, Ohio Kent & Patti, Youngstown, Ohio Kent & Patti, Youngstown, Ohio
Relaxing, Peabody Ave. With sisters, Bramble Ave. We three, Bramble Ave.
Reading, Bramble Ave. Mama, Patti, Carol, Kent @ Christmas, Bramble Ave. Patti, Kent, Daddy @ Xmas, Bramble Ave.
Carol, Kent, Patti, Mama, Grandma, Uncle Alton @ Stone Mountain, Georgia Kent & Patti, Tennessee Kent & Patti, Tennessee
We three, Great Smoky Mountains Daddy & Kent, Great Smoky Mountains



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