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Hello there! Come on in and sit and have some pie and coffee. While you eat, I'll just chat on about some of the things I do, and perhaps you might find a useful tidbit here or there in what I say. I'm a solitary eclectic technopagan/witchy person, by the way, always exploring new things.

One's entire home can be an altar (as Scott Cunningham states in "The Magical Household"). What I have done is this: there is a small shrine to the Lady in our living room (with our principal household guardian beside her), where we can leave offerings of thanksgiving and honour; there is a little place for offerings to the faeries in "the Tupperware cupboard" (open shelving); there is always a candle sitting on the stove, honouring Brighid and Hestia; the kitchen table can be (and has been) used as an impromptu altar; there is a little shrine of remembrance in the bedroom for pets that have left us (here is the inside of it); and there is my permanent shrine/altar in my computer room. It's in a deep alcove formed by a U of tall bookcases. Within that is a little side altar/shrine to Yanu, the Bear.

In this way one can feel comfortable doing workings in almost any part of the house.

I do tarot readings and rune readings in the bedroom, since there is lots of room to spread out the cards on the bed. It is a good, safe, comfortable room, with lots of stuffed animals, where one can relax and let the mind open up to the promptings of the subconscious, helpful animal spirits, etc. It turned out to be a good setting in which to make and empower magickal candles and sachets one Yuletide!

In the past I have done tarot and other readings at my computer, on a little roll cart. I've done online readings this way. I believe the computer and online activities enhance psychic energy--our other senses are blinkered, so we reach out with the 6th sense :-)

The stove is the closest we have to a hearth nowadays (unless one is fortunate enough to have a working fireplace), so it is fitting we do magick there. Much of my spellwork is done there; and most of our seasonal rituals begin and end there.

My permanent altar is in my little room-within-a-room, partitioned off in my computer room. I use this altar for charging sachets, stones, etc.; for spells begun at the kitchen fire altar that need to continue working on the astral plane; and for other workings when this just feels the right place to be.



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