Mouse with PalmPix!

Line of (non-existent) film

AKA  "Mouse Runs Amok With Tiny Digital Camera!"

Hehehehe! The mouse has been given the use of a Kodak PalmPix digital camera (a small fixed-focus camera that attaches to a Palm device)! Watch out, world! [these photos come before the Mouse with Coolpix! photos]



All photographs copyright 2002-2009 by Joanna M. Phillips

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April 2002
Page 2
April 2002
Page 3
April-May 2002
Page 4
May 2002
Page 5
May-June 2002
Page 6
June 2002
Page 7
July 2002
Mousie reacquires the PalmPix on February 16, 2004!
The pages listed below are obviously more recent.
Page 8
Feb. 2004-June 2005
Page 9
July 2005 - May 2007


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