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There are lots of lovely flowers here, some of them gifts from friends (thank you all!) and some that I acquired on my own. Just walk the pathways and enjoy the beauty and scent of them all! If you would like to send someone a Spirit Flower or a Blooming Basket (or get one for yourself), just click the links, flowers pots, or baskets.




  Thinking of You
Bubbles' Friendship Garden From Angel Humm,
December 2004





from Pattie,
April-May 2004
from Andrea, WOSIB TLC Committee, Aug. 12, 2004 from Angel Humm,
Halloween 2004





Roses for Mousie
I adopted my Houseplant from Camomile ^ from the GOF for my birthday, Sept. 2004

<< from Lady Goodness, March 2005

Graphics by Camomile




Send a Spirit Flower!

from Angel Paws of The Garden of Friendship, March 2006



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