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More flowers! Oh my, the garden is coming along nicely! If you would like to send someone a Spirit Flower or a Blooming Basket (or get one for yourself), just click the flowers pots or baskets.



The two above potted plants and the one on the lower left were all given to me by Sarah (thank you!) on Thursday, August 17, 2006. The one on the lower right is from Angel Bug (thanks!), given to me on Sunday, August 20, 2006.



  Adoption Certificate - These mini butterflies were adopted from Angel Bug's Place  


Knowing I am actively collecting these now, Sarah also sent me these baskets on Thursday, August 17, 2006! Yay!




This is my Woobie, adopted Jan. 29th, 1998. His name is Eek. He's a cute little dragon who likes to give hugs! You may not have seen him before because he was living quietly over on my Pets & Friends page all this time. Would you like to go visit them, while you are at The Mouse House?


Flowering daisy Cute little dragon!


(Woobie World, where I adopted Eek, is no longer in existence | Flowering daisy and
morning glories from The MousePad)






I adopted my Ltd. Edition Sparkling Fairy From D'Theater at The Site Fights

^A gift from Hege of the GOF ^
on August 31, 2006 




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Many graphics on this page by Vikimouse | Flower baskets and flower pots are clickable