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A line of Tamas!


Let us never forget one of the earliest (1997) and best U.S. Tamagotchi sites,  Tamagotchi Fever!, which contained a wealth of information and a beautiful layout.

The most useful sites I've found for all the various Tamagotchi, as of July 2015:

Tamagotchi Wikia



Here are other sites that I think are useful, interesting, and/or just plain beautiful (in alphabetical order):


Another thing you might like to do is join a mailing list or a group. The tamagotchi-l mailing list, which was a special "home" for virtual pet lovers, died; but many of the members from *that* list (which ran from June 1997-January 1999) joined another list called The Virtual Pets Mailing List, which ran on ListBot from January 1999 to December 2000. It is now in its current incarnation at Yahoo! Groups, under the name of VPetsML. Click on the hyperlink to go subscribe!

AND if you belong to Facebook, a couple good groups to join there are
Tamagotchi Ancestors T-A and Tamagotchi Collectors.


Also: if you have access to Usenet, subscribe to this newsgroup:



Line of Japanese Tams in various lovely cases



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