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Hello and welcome! These pages are about Tamagotchi, various keychain pets, computer pets, and other virtual pets I have collected and played with.

A Tamagotchi ("cute little egg") is a virtual pet that lives inside a little egg-shaped keychain container. You feed and care for it via the use of menu-choice buttons. The craze for this "cute little egg" started in Japan and swept across the rest of the world. Not only are the pets themselves fun to take care of: their containers come in various colours and designs, making it fun for collectors.

Tamagotchi were the original "keychain pets", but soon many others came along. They are called keychain pets because they are on a chain (or in some cases, on a necklace!) and small enough to carry around in one's pocket. Other ones you will see here in some detail (at present) are a RakuRaku Dinokun (Dinkie Dino), a Hitorikko Chicken, a GigaPet koala, a GigaPet Yoda, a Pocket Pikachu, and a Bobo Panda Byte. For a listing of other virtual pets I have/had collected, see My Other Virtual Pets page.

As of June 2007 and beyond, I severely cut back my collection,
as things were getting toooo overcrowded.



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Stutz Beary-Bear's blanket, scanned by me, CountryMouse. Here is the blanket
with Tam plush squeezie toys, Sniffy Stripes, and Woody standing on it.

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