Cagney and Lacey Fiction

There have been a number of people writing fiction stories based on the Cagney and Lacey series. Lnks to the stories that have been submitted here are listed below. If you read one of their stories please take the time to write an email to the author letting them know what you thought of his or her story. Thanks.

John M. Riggle has been the first person to respond to this request with scripts he has written.

John died in February of 2007. We all will miss him and his story-telling abilities.

Julie Ann Tunstall has submitted the following stories. Comments can be sent to her at Julie Tunstall

These are by Kristy Hughes.Comments can be directed to Kristy at Kristy Hughes

Another contributor is Joanne Siderius, who can be reached at Joanne Siderius

    Index and Introduction


    And No One Mourned

    Black and White

    Black Thorn

    Blue Amazon


    Chat Room

    Crash and Burn

    Deja Vu

    In The Dark

    Letter of the Law

    Mirror Image

    Mothers and Daughters

    Murder Most Complicated

    One of the Boys



    The Ballad of the Highwayman

    The Cost

    The Last Laugh

    Time and Again

    Unto Thine Own Self


The newest contributor is Scott Wicker

If you wish to send him comments about his fiction his address is:

Scott Wicker