Dr. Slump

This series is an incredibly funny and totally whacky series about a mad scientist, Dr. Slump, who invents a robot and names her Aralee. Aralee loves to run,(she's incredibly fast), play and cause mischief. There is a host of equally strange characters including a pseudo-Superman, aliens from space, a teacher Dr. Slump has a crush on and a small, and a flying boy that eats virtually anything.

This is really a very, very funny and good series.

Synopsis of some of the Dr. Slump magna

Volumes 1 and 2
Volumes 3 and 4
Volumes 5 and 6
Volumes 7 and 8
Volumes 9 and 10
Volume 12
Volumes 13 and 14
Volumes 15 and 16
Volumes 17 and 18

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