"D" Sources


Dear Miye: Letters Home From Japan 1939-1946
Decision to Relocate the Japanese Americans
Democracy and Race
Democracy on Trial: The Japanese American Evacuation and Relocation in World War II (Page Smith)
Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese American Family (Yoshiko Uchida)
Desert Jewels
Development of the Anti-Japanese Agitation in the United States -1922
Diary of Emily Light
Discrimination: Japanese Americans Struggle for Equality
Dust of Eden
Dusty Exile: Looking Back on Japanese Relocation During World War II (Catherine Embree Harris)


Democracy and Japanese Americans
Detention of American Citizens as Enemy Combatants
The Development of the Anti-Japanese Movement -1921
Disapproving Anti-Japanese Agitation (1920)
Discrimination Against the Japanese in California: A Review of the Real Situation -1907
The Displaced Japanese-Americans

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