Japanese History

Unfortunately I have run into various ways of dividing Japanese history. Usually the years they give for particular times may differ by several decades. Below is the best I've been able to come up with so far.I find it quite annoying when history books cannot agree among themselves over something like this.

  • Jomon period 10,000 BCE-300BCE
  • Yayoi period 300BCE-300CE
  • Tumulus period 300CE-552CE
  • Asuka Era 552-710 CE
  • Nara Era: 710-794CE
  • Heian Era: 794-1185CE
  • Kamakura Era: 1185-1333CE
  • Muromachi Era: 1333-1587CE
  • Momoyama: 1587-1603CE
  • Edo Era: 1603-1867CE
  • Meiji Era: 1867-1911CE
  • Taisho Era: 1911-1925CE
  • Showa Era: 1925-1989CE
  • Heisei Era: 1989-CE

    Reviews of books on Japanese history (other than World War II or Japanese-American internment)

    Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun
    Life Among the Samurai
    Japan Under the Shoguns 1185-1868