Without a Trace

This is the first book in the Girl Detective series. The first mystery for her to solve is one of the strangest ever and that is the destruction of plots of zucchini. Someone in the neighborhood has been trampling plots of zucchini and this has gotten some neighbors angry at each other.'

The other, much more serious mystery, is the theft of a Fabergé egg from the house of a newcomer to town. For this one there are a number of suspects including the owner herself. During the investigation Nancy is hurt, suffering a head injury that puts her in the hospital for over a day. She and the other girls do regular detective work, talking to neighbors and people at the house and gathering as much information as they can.

Their procedure is actually pretty good. Bess and George even trail one suspect to see if he is trying to sell the egg somewhere.

The villain is slightly obvious but isn't revealed till the end. Meanwhile, the person who has been attacking the zucchini turns out to be someone no one had suspected. Rather a good first volume in this new series.

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