Uncivil Acts, #10

2005 edition. This is the first Nancy Drew Girl Detective book that I bought. I was attracted to it because it deals with a Civil War reenactment, and I happen to be very interested in the Civil War and wanted to see what kind of a story for Nancy Drew it would make.

The town is going to hold a reenactment and the townspeople are choosing which side they wish to fight on. Reflecting the actual feeling in some towns of that time, the people are divided, the majority wanting to fight with the Union, the minority with the Confederacy. The feelings between the groups tend to get rather heated, again just as it was during the real war.

People try to do some research on their ancestors to find out which side they were on and Nancy finds out her ancestors were on the side of the Confederates which actually causes her some problems with her friends.

The mystery part deals with some things that are going on that indicate someone is sabotaging the event, going so far as to messing with a fireworks display which could have resulted in severe injuries or worse to the crowd watching.

There's even poison in a canteen.

Nancy has an abundance of suspects, one of whom is not above using real bullets instead of blanks.

I think it's a well-done book, both as a mystery and as an indication of how strong some people still feel about a war that ended over 140 years ago.

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