Nancy Drew: Close Encounters

The basic theme of this book deals with UFO sightings in a small town. Nancy, Bess and George are there and, of course, are drawn into the mystery of whether the UFOs are real or not. There is also a news crew from a reality show there, and old guy who is sort of out-of-it and his dog, and a couple of feuding women.

It is obvious that whoever wrote this book is very anti-paranormal in their personal views. There are also some other disturbing things, like Bess being prejudiced against a guy because he is wearing shabby clothes, and George, who is sort of a geek herself, being prejudiced about a guy being a semi-hard-core geeker.

On page 27, Nancy indicates that she doesn't believe that any aliens could visit this planet. On the next page she attacks the Roswell incident.

Things go wrong at a restaurant the girls hang out at, then things get worse as a dog and its owner go missing. Gradually more are lost as both Beth and George go missing. Nancy is left to investigate by herself and is knocked out (as usually happens in her stories), and ends up a captive of the people behind the hoax.

That it was all a hoax was to be expected, of course, although there is one very tiny bone near the end of the book that is thrown to those who believe in UFO visitation.

What is somewhat disturbing to me is Nancy's rather snarky attitude towards some people who believe in UFO visitation and abduction. Although a good detective should concentrate on facts, they must also remain open to possibilities that they might not otherwise consider.

A disappointing read.

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