My Animal Crossing Diary

Part 3

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Vine-wrapped pole

Wednesday, October 16, 2002: fleur found all five of the mushrooms 8-8:15am! :-)   fleur paid off her loan for the basement and asked Tom Nook for the remodel/expansion of her first floor. That will happen tomorrow. The grass is becoming browner and the leaves are changing--autumn is definitely setting in! First day of candy sales at Tom Nook's! I began stocking up. The HRA *does* look in basements! It saw all the regal stuff in fleur's basement and said to add carpet and wallpaper, to round out the theme. fleur wasn't even going to *use* that furniture theme--she was just storing it for others. :-/  She got rid of it all.

Green-purple line

Thursday, October 17, 2002: The Great Clothing Giveaway: each resident (all 15 of them) got a shirt/outfit. I also sold off some of the blue wardrobes. I (Mousie) only found three of the mushrooms this morning. :-(  I fixed things that were facing the wrong way (according to the HRA) on the south walls, so that the items are now facing into the room, not so that we the players/viewers can see them. The HRA deducts points for things facing the wrong way. ::sigh:: Sarah visited LarkRise; Maple moved from Harmony to LarkRise...and Derwin moved to parts unknown. Sarah had to visit LarkRise a second time on an errand. Marcy moved to LarkRise from Harmony, but Maple move on to who-knows-where. This must be the shortest time anyone has ever been living in LarkRise so far! (about one hour). fleur has an expanded house how. :-)  fleur harvested MUCH FRUIT and made some Bells that way. Then fleur had to go to Harmony on an errand. She sold 6,000 Bells' worth of cherries there. Took a camera to Grizzly, talked to others, wrote letters, and did *serious* fishing (it was raining in Harmony!). She caught a coelacanth and *many* red snapper! Brought home oranges from Harmony, worth 6,000 Bells. fleur paid off about one-half the loan!

Green-purple line

Friday, October 18, 2002: I am tired of trying to please the HRA! I like eclectic. Sarah says to decorate my house(s) to please me, so I will. fleur took her modern dressers down to her basement; she took the modern table and bed to the island; and she brought back the glass-top table for her house. Her house, at least the first floor, is going to be mostly Japanese-style. Gulliver washed up on the beach. He gave me a Chinese lion. I gave it to fleur--it goes better with her decor. :-)  fleur found all five of the mushrooms this morning! :-)  I had to go to Harmony in the afternoon, to take something to Grizzly. When I got back, Mint had left for Harmony--no great loss (I found her a bit trying). But Pecan moved in. She is a worse version of Mint! Then fleur had to run an errand to Harmony: Twiggy asked fleur to return Mint's camera to her, saying, "People's lives may depend on it!". :-p  fleur also sold cherries there, wrote a couple letters, and visited briefly with residents. Belle moved back to Harmony (she originally had come from there).

Green-purple line

Saturday, October 19, 2002: fleur found four of the mushrooms this morning. fleur did serious fishing and paid off her loan for the final first-floor expansion!! :-)  And then she turned right around and asked Tom Nook for a second floor. That will be there tomorrow!

Doing my favourite thing: fishing

fleur had to find a pear for Mallary; but since fleur had stripped ALL the pear trees of their fruit yesterday and sold it all to Tom Nook, there were no pears to be had in LarkRise today! So she went to Apple to get some (and hoped Mallary would be properly appreciative of her efforts!). After her trip there, Bob moved back to his hometown of Apple. I went to Crazy Redd's tent this evening and bought a Scary Painting and a Common Painting, both for donation to the museum. I was able to get Strange Painting at Nookington's earlier today and donated that to the museum. We all went to the train station after 8pm this evening, to hear K.K. Slider sing. I requested "Cafe K.K." (Pecan has this playing in her house); fleur requested "Imperial K.K." (this goes very well with the design of her house). I went to Nookington's around 9:45pm to pick up some things Sarah had coded to me plus I wanted to order some things from my catalogue. At approximately 9:50pm the music in the store changed to something slow and soft, sorta "Good Night Ladies"-ish, I guess to help patrons leave by 10pm!

Green-purple line

Sunday, October 20, 2002: Weber moved in overnight. I (Mousie) found all five mushrooms this morning! Yay! fleur's second floor is there now. I bought all the citrus set stuff for her to put up there--much mailing and gyroid-ing of items. fleur did serious fishing and paid about 150,000 Bells on the 798,000 Bell loan for the second floor. I did SERIOUS changes to my interior design, trying to get back the comfortable eclectic feel I had before. Not finished yet but getting there.

Green-purple line

Monday, October 21, 2002: fleur found four out of five mushrooms; but she also dug up a 10,000 Bell sack! :-)  Someone named Lucky moved in overnight. I soon met him, a poor bandaged-up dog with a weird neat house--it's full of asteroids! I had to go to Apple to return something to Bob for Twiggy. On the way there, I met Blanca on the train. I finally succumbed to temptation and drew "I AM A CAT" on her face instead of standard eyes, nose, and mouth.

Lucky's house Blanca on the train

While in Apple, I sold cherries; bought stationery; had an unsettling encounter with Chief and wrote him a letter about how RUDE he is; bought a cabana table at Nookway but traded it away to Hank for a flying saucer! I wrote letters to Bob, Dizzy, and Cat'r. Talked with various people, picked peaches, and came home. When I got there, I found Nosegay had moved to Apple. Next up: the Great Candy Caper: attaching candy to letters between Mousie and fleur, then storing the delivered letters with the candy still attached at the Post Office until Halloween (much easier than storing all that candy in our homes!). Furniture rearranging.

fleur's cricket, Belle Secret Agent Blanca? Yeah! Good fishin'!

Fishing: fleur caught a koi and a goldfish; I caught a koi and a large char! I met Coco, who moved in sometime in the late afternoon, while I was fishing. She looks like a zombie...or maybe one of the Personal Gyroid Assistants, with the strange eyes and mouth. Sarah had to run an errand to LarkRise. Rosie moved to LarkRise from Harmony; but Coco left for parts unknown. So soon! :-(

Green-purple line

Tuesday, October 22, 2002: fleur found all five mushrooms! Selling things, rearranging/tinkering with furniture, visiting townsfolk. Spent a LOT of time going through my catalogue with Sarah, ordering things and coding them to her (21 items!!). fleur has cut flowers now on all the citrus tables on her second floor.  Today is fleur's birthday! She got a nice letter from home with a birthday cake attached! fleur and I both fished for profit in the afternoon. 

fleur's birthday cake A good catch of fish! My large char and koi

Sarah visited LarkRise to run an errand. Belle moved BACK to LarkRise! Pecan moved on to parts unknown. Good riddance! :-p

Hank's flying saucer in my basement!

Green-purple line

Wednesday, October 23, 2002: fleur found four out of five mushrooms, BUT also dug up a bag of 30,000 Bells! fleur traded Wendell a barred knifejaw for sandlot wall. I caught a guppy and have that in my living room, along with a koi and a goldfish. I sold the large char that I had in an aquarium in my living room to Tom Nook for 10,000 Bells--it was just not as interesting or pretty to look at as the guppy. I still want to get an angelfish and a coelacanth to round out my fish collection at home. fleur now has a koi and a bell cricket for pets. I got desert vista from Wendell. Redeemed a lot of codes from friends and coded things to people. Sent a bunch of my lottery tickets to fleur, as she has the room to store them. Talked to everyone, ran a few errands. Not very good fishing today. Took the flying saucer and owl clock out to the island, to store in the beach house. Brought the modern bed back home to sell to Tom Nook. Added four more blue wardrobes back into my basement. Fished some, gathered seashells, stored all in my basement until tomorrow.

Green-purple line

Thursday, October 24, 2002: I found four of the five mushrooms. Fishing, selling things, etc. I designed "Autumn Leaves" texture; fleur designed "Hearts n Stars". Both are on signboards around town, as are "M-Appeal" and "Teddy Bear". I had to go to Apple to return something to Nosegay. I sold cherries, talked to everyone, wrote some letters, etc. When I returned, I found that Twiggy had moved to Apple, but Betty had moved in. Fishing, running errands, etc. I now have 500,000 Bells in my savings account. More serious fishing in the afternoon, for both fleur and me. This is harder work now than it has been previously, as the ocean fishing hasn't been very good the last couple days. Mallary Must Go! She has been an annoyance for a while, but around 12 midnight she rooked me out of +1800 Bells for an ugly-looking shirt! :-/  I fished and fished, hoping to get an old boot or tin can to attach to an angry letter to her. But "all" I got was lots of barred knifejaw and red snapper. :-p  I stored all in my basement and went to bed about 1am.

Green-purple line

Friday, October 25, 2002: The Last Mushrooming Day. fleur found all five of the mushrooms! Gulliver gave fleur plate armor in return for resuscitating him. fleur tinkered with her first floor design a bit. I ordered and bought several very cheap carpets for trading with Saharah tomorrow. Serious fishing by fleur (48,000 Bells) and me (42,000 Bells). I also caught two old boots. I sent two letters to Mallary with the old boots attached. I am still upset about her having taken my money last night.

Angry letters to Mallary

Lots of trading of items with Sarah. She visited LarkRise (the Dump is our friend!). Afterwards Sprocket (gah!) moved back from Harmony to LarkRise, but Weber moved on. In the evening fleur got rid of all the citrus furniture etc. on her second floor and put what she has so far of the Space Theme up there.

Green-purple line

Saturday, October 26, 2002: Bought several carpets from Saharah. fleur got the lunar surface one, for her Space Theme on the second floor of her house. Fishing to earn more Bells! I designed a jack o' lantern pattern/texture called (imaginatively) Jack. I asked the Able Sisters to display it in their shop and also put it up on a couple signboards around town.

Modelling the Jack design/texture

Marie visited LarkRise and took the Jack texture back home with her to Harmony. Ellie moved from Harmony to LarkRise. Betty moved on to somewhere else. Got caught up on my correspondence. In the evening we went to see K.K. Slider at the train station. fleur requested "K.K. Steppe"; I requested "K.K. Song", which was a mistake--it's...pretty awful. No wonder it's a "hidden" song that he never offers to play!

Under the spell woven by the minstrel...

Talking to neighbours. Night fishing, mostly in the river, around 2am EST.

My Animal Crossing Houses as of now. (lots of photos!)

Green-purple line

Sunday, October 27, 2002: Fishing, bug-catching, running errands, the usual. fleur made 40,000 Bells on the island fruit scheme (all coconuts, all the time). I had to go to Apple to return something to Twiggy. Sold cherries, bought some things, brought back some peaches to sell in LarkRise. Upon my return I found Marcy had moved to Apple, but Friga moved in soon after. More fishing. I learned an odd little trick: you can stand beside the stream right above the waterfall and cast down into the pool at the bottom of the falls. I cast down there this afternoon and caught a large char! This is a 10,000 Bell fish! Wow!

Green-purple line

Monday, October 28, 2002: What you should probably not do to Officer Copper; but proving that he has some kind of force-field protecting him!

Green-purple line

Sunday, November 3, 2002: Mousie's house as of today--how I won the House Model from the Happy Room Academy! (photos!)

Green-purple line

Saturday, December 7, 2002: Sonny leaves Happy, my other town. (photos!)

Green-purple line

Monday, December 9, 2002: These will now be back-dated entries, as of April 2004 and onward, mostly just photos (see entry for Tuesday, January 4, 2003)

Big snowstorm coming! Winter will soon be here!

Green-purple line

Friday, December 13, 2002:  Photos of the winter wonderland, complete with twinkling lights in the trees!

My Animal Crossing Houses as of now. (photos!)

Green-purple line

Sunday, December 22, 2002:  Catching the legendary coelacanth!

Green-purple line

Tuesday, December 31, 2002/Wednesday, January 1, 2003 (New Year's Eve!):

Sonny finally tells Dora his true feelings!

The Festivities:

Seeing the New Year in with Dora (where is Sonny?) Lovely fireworks!
Mayor Tortimer and me, with Carmen the mouse dancing in the background

This was the fateful night when I turned the clock back to accommodate all my human characters' being able to see in the New Year, then accidentally setting the clock ONE YEAR FORWARD! Eeeeeeek! I found my town full of weeds, my townsfolk aghast that I had been gone SO LONG, and Carmen (who was a kind-of snooty little mouse, but whom I loved nonetheless because she was, after all, a mouse) had LEFT. ::sob::


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