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Part 4

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Friday, January 3, 2003: I forgot to mention that Aziz moved back to LarkRise! I was delighted! He's quite the romantic!

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Saturday, January 4, 2003: My Animal Crossing Houses as of now. (lots of photos!)

Sonny and Aziz:

Really?? Aziz's utterly cool house

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[diarist's note as of Tuesday, January 14, 2003: I have kept notes from the end of October 2002 until today; but I cannot face typing in all that text! So what I will be doing is switching this diary over to a photos-mostly thing, updated now-and-again. See the links on the AC Diary top page for links to other, wonderful, funny, engrossing Animal Crossing diaries!]

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003: I know I haven't posted in forever. And I have lots of photos to upload. But I just had to put this here. I am sure many of you Animal Crossing people have felt this sentiment welling up inside you at *some* point (I posted this on LarkRise's town bulletin board in a fit of exasperation):


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Tuesday, July 29, 2003: Wacky letters to residents new and old:

Me, Mousie, of LarkRise Felix and Bianca live in NeatTown, my tri-level town

I think Felix thought he was Spike, the Vampire, in that letter to Kiki! Maybe it was a skull shirt or something.......

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003: On my peregrinations around LarkRise, I happened to talk to Kiki. She asked after Doc (from Tempus, where this Kiki used to live), said he was a wonderful friend, and missed him! I certainly was taken aback! Here is a letter I sent her soon after:

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Monday, January 12, 2004: I can't believe I went back to LarkRise this afternoon! I haven't played Animal Crossing since...October I think. And my secondary character, MeToo, hadn't been back since September! So I weeded the entire town (which was totally overgrown), talked with everyone (Dora was still there! Yay! And Aziz, who was in an igloo, and also my favourite grumpy guys: Tom, Groucho, Wart Jr.; etc.!), fell in a pitfall or two :-P , dug up fossils and mailed them off to the Farway Museum, talked with Officer Copper (Crazy Redd is coming in a couple days to peddle his questionably-priced furniture), cleaned out both my houses (uh, took care of the pest problem), and built a so-so snowman. :-D  I don't think I will get back to any heavy-duty daily playing...I just wanted to go see the ol' town again. :-)  I don't have any other towns anymore: I sent them off into another dimension (deleted them)--too tempting to play play play waaay too much if I kept them. Still, it was good to be in the old familiar surroundings, where so much has happened, and so much happy time was spent.

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Friday, August 27, 2004, 10:32pm: LarkRise had been calling to me for at least a couple weeks. Finally, early this morning I went back. I weeded the entire town (it's now back to "perfect" condition), talked to folks (that were up at 6am!), took care of the pest problems, and even went to Officer Copper's early-morning aerobics class at the Wishing Well. Oh yes, and I found Gulliver washed up on the shore on my way to the aerobics class--he gave me a Lady Liberty, which I hadn't gotten before! Yippee!

I then went to Apple, Cat'r's town, *as* Cat'r, and began the awesome (in the true sense of the word!) task of weeding his entire town! He had not been there for 20 months, the townsfolk said! I straightened his basement (it was a jumbled mess), got rid of the bugs, sent off fossils to the Farway Museum, talked to people, etc. It was so nice to see folks in Little LarkRise (as I call one particular area in Apple--many many of my people emigrated to Apple in the early days). I went back to Apple late this afternoon and finished the weeding. I also sold a large number of gyroids I had dug up and paid a little on Cat'r's loan from Tom Nook.

This evening I went back to LarkRise and got rid of clothes I didn't want, keeping only the irreplaceable ones plus Gracie originals, and redid my basement. I have fewer wardrobes down there now. My entire collection of parasols and umbrellas is now in the basement (they were split between the first floor and basement). Most of my clothes are in the basement, except for my fortune and weather clothing, which is upstairs on the second floor. I may put a couch down in the basement to relax on. :-)  MeToo (my secondary character) also cleaned out his basement and has a bit more room now too. One of the last things I did before quitting for tonight was to go to the Museum and stand in the insect section, letting the light of the fireflies light my face.

There are so many beautiful things about this game, it never totally lets you go. It calls you back with nostalgic memories of sights and sounds, gentle wonderful things. I turned up the volume on the TV to better hear the surf, the waterfall, the crickets chirping, all the wonderful evocative sounds in this more-than-a-game mini-wheel-of-the-year. :-)

Tomorrow I plan to go to Seafoam Island. I need to rummage through ALL the stuff I have stored there. I should keep all the Wendell wallpaper, since that's fairly difficult to get; but I can always get carpets from Saharah. I'll just keep the ones I like. :-)

OR...I *could* start a third character for the express purpose of having her store Wendell and Gulliver things in her basement so that I can make the island house a true beach getaway and not one large storage locker (like it is now). Hmmm....::wheels turning:: Stay tuned. :-P    P.S. Mousie has over 18 MILLION Bells in the bank--she could easily bankroll a third character! ::maniacal chuckle::

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Saturday, August 28, 2004, 10:36am: Late last night (after midnight), Vera went to LarkRise to start a new life. She didn't have much money, so she had to work (in the middle of the night!) for Tom Nook. She also ran errands for neighbours. Then a mysterious benefactor left her money to pay off her loan!! So she has finished working for Tom Nook and has her house (such as it is) paid off. We shall see what today brings!

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Sunday, August 29, 2004, 1:11pm: Today Vera has a larger house with a pink roof. It's all paid off. Tomorrow she will have a basement! Then the Island Retreat Plan will be put into motion! Yay!

Everyone bought turnips this morning, even Cat'r in Apple. I am playing his town, as his character, since he said I could. I am hoping to make some money to pay off his expanded first floor. Then he can get a second floor! Also I got Apple into "perfect" condition yesterday! It only took planting a few trees and cutting down a couple in another area. There's a little golden shovel tree growing and some more apple trees too. Oddly enough, the local fruit in Apple is the peach. :-P  After I get the golden axe (*knock on wood!*), then I can put in more fruit trees. Always helps to have a ready source of income!

Also this morning Mousie FINALLY got fed up with her crowded outdated first floor interior design. She ditched the Cabana Series and went for the Regal. Very elegant! And she got rid of the overabundance of items that are supposed to bring good luck. She is, however, still practicing good feng shui principles and has some special items too.

Muahahahaha! I have gotten Bunnicula back to playing Animal Crossing too! hee hee!

8:25pm: Went to my island, Seafoam Island (yes, I was hooked on Pokemon a while back ::grin::), and caught a mess o' fish: 3 barred knifejaws, 7 red snappers. I also got 3 of those blue/purple Emperor (I think they're called?) butterflies. And a piece of coral and a white scallop. If I recall correctly, this netted me (no pun intended) 42,700 Bells! And I got a wonderful DEEP tan on top of that! I am a beautiful nut-brown colour now! I went and ordered some white and almost-all-white clothes to show off my tan all the more! I *love* being this dark!

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004, 6:13am: Yesterday in LarkRise I moved most of the stuff from Seafoam Island to town, which took several trips. I let Vera go to the island, as she is new and had never met Yodel. I shared out the island haul between MeToo's basement and Vera's basement. It won't look so cluttered once they have sold off their turnips. :-) 

Mousie redid her second floor--with the Harvest series! I know, I know, you're supposed to do sets on the second floor, series and themes on the first; but I don't care. :-P  I long ago got my house and manor models, so the HRA can like it or lump it. :-D

After-hours fishing by Mousie now has her second floor and a small part of her first floor covered in aquaria! Today is Lottery Day, so the fish will be there another night yet.

In Apple, I (as Cat'r) fished a LOT (I caught TWO Arapaima and a piranha!!!) and was able to pay off the loan from Tom Nook. Today Cat'r will have a second floor. :-)


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