My Animal Crossing Diary

Part 5

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Vine-wrapped pole

Wednesday, September 1, 2004, 8:05pm: It was raining this morning in Apple, so Cat'r went fishing...a LOT! He caught 6...SIX!...coelacanth!! And tons of barred knifejaw and red snapper! He hopes to get some more fishing in a little later this evening. He still has about 550,000 Bells to pay off on his loan, when Tom Nook did the last remodeling, the second floor, on Cat'r's house.

Meanwhile, in LarkRise (where it was sunny today), Mousie sold that humongous amount of fish (which included TWO beautiful arowana ("golden dragon fish") caught this morning) to Tom Nook. Vera, my new character, has turned into an accidentally-tanned Goth-ish type person. ::grin:: Her house is furnished in the Spooky series on the first floor (waiting for the second floor), and she will wear nothing but black! So Mousie, the "nut-brown maid" who likes to wear white and has the white Regal series on her first floor and has nice, pretty interior decoration, is living across from dark and  scary Vera, who has vats of mysterious stuff bubbling amongst torches and creepy-looking furniture. Vera's second floor is going to look like a dungeon with a huge bonfire and torches all around the walls!! Meanwhile, you have dreamy romantic MeToo, who has a normal Ranch series first floor and a lunar landscape second floor with beautiful light-marble and stone Gulliver items...and a huge MOON in the center of the room. Music is provided by blue Lullaboid gyroids. He is *not* getting too near the yin-yang/dark-light thing that's happening on the south side there. ::grin::

9:16pm: Oh oh yeah! I forgot! Yesterday Bunnicula brought over a bunch of extra gyroids s/he had from hir town of Harmony to Cat'r's town of Apple! I put 14 or 16 (I forget how many) up on Cat'r's second floor. This morning the letter from the HRA to Cat'r included the MANOR MODEL! Yayayayayay! Today I added a hi-fi stereo, a cream sofa, and the modern screen/tatami floor combo. His second floor is now complete. His first floor is the Cabin series, which Cat'r himself did when he was still actively playing AC.

Green-purple line

Saturday, September 4, 2004, 12:43am: Not much happening. Tom Nook hasn't offered good prices for turnips yet this week. One more day. I have to sell today (Saturday), whatever the buy-price is. ::sigh:: I could take a loss on The Stalk Market.

Green-purple line

Monday, September 6, 2004, Labor Day: Everyone went to see Mayor Tortimer down by the Wishing Well today to get a Shop Model (model of Nook's Cranny, the original little hole-in-the-wall shop Tom Nook started out with). Well, except for Mousie, who already had gotten the model last year. The mayor just had words about not working her fingers to the bone for Mousie! LOL!

On Saturday Cat'r sold his meager shares, uh bunches of turnips to Tom Nook for a small profit. Everyone in LarkRise, however, took a loss. Oh well, that's the Stalk Market for ya!

There have been rainy days, more in Apple than in LarkRise, so there has been FISHING! Yay!

Vera has painted the roof of her house black. And she went on a destructive rampage in LarkRise today, destroying most of the flowers in town!! She left the flowers growing around the other three humans' houses; but there are NO flowers growing around her house. She's going to get a nickname pretty soon: Vera the Destroyer. :-P

Green-purple line

Saturday, September 11, 2004, 1:24pm: Busy day! In Apple, Cat'r's town, Wendell is there; so Cat'r gave him a red snapper and got Ancient Wall (or is it Ancient Tile? well, you know). Goose, who had originally come from LarkRise, had left; so Cat'r (me) hurriedly sent letters with gifts attached (shirts) to all the other residents that he doesn't want to leave!

In LarkRise it is Mousie's birthday (as it is In Real Life): Chief was waiting at her door to give her Donkey Kong. She got lots of presents from residents, including a picnic table, an iron frame (LOL!), and much clothing. At first I didn't think I would get a birthday cake from home this year as I'd already gotten one in the past. In fact, there wasn't even a letter from home. But that must've been because my mailbox was full. After I had done some other things, saved my game, and come back, the letter from home with the birthday cake attached did arrive. I got rather misty-eyed over that--they *hadn't* forgotten me! ::sniffle::

Gracie was in LarkRise today, so all three of us (Mousie, MeToo, and Vera) went to get clothes from her. Now that I know "the spoon trick" I am able to polish her car successfully and get clothing from her every time. :-)  We didn't get anything new, however. I had already gotten, in the past, the swell shirt, the pulse shirt, and the zebra shirt. Oh well. At least Vera is actually wearing something that is not TOTALLY black. :-P

Tonight we will all go to see K.K. Slider perform at the train station. We forgot last week!

Green-purple line

Sunday, September 12, 2004, 9:42pm: Whew, almost forgot K.K. Slider last night! At 11:45pm I managed to get Cat'r in Apple to see him, then all three of my folks in LarkRise to him in time! MeToo went at 11:58pm and just let K.K. choose whatever he wanted to sing. Vera, the goth-ish girl, has K.K. Dirge now playing in her Spooky house. hehehe

So it's been raining for at least two days straight in Apple. Tonight Cat'r fished for about an hour. In that time he caught 6 coelacanth and lots of barred knifejaw and red snapper. He racked up about 176,000 Bells with two full creels of fish. Adding 10,000 Bells he had stashed in his basement, he was able to finally pay off the loan for the second floor! He will have his gold statue tomorrow. ::beam::  Still working on the golden axe.  :-)

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NOTICE (Tuesday, October 12, 2004)

Permission granted for Mr. Gerard William Hill of Melbourne, Australia to use parts of my Animal Crossing Diary plus selected photos.        Joanna M. Phillips

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Saturday, December 3, 2005, 6:46pm: I played pretty steadily from about the end of July of this year until Halloween. Then I went back to LarkRise (and Apple, which I am taking care of for Cat'r) maybe once in November.

Today I went back to both towns. I took care of the pest problems, weeded everything so that both towns are once again perfect, cleaned out excess junk from basements, talked to just about all the townsfolk, and generally set things to rights. I had a very very weird and bittersweet feeling that I wasn't coming back, that I was closing a door. I know that you can "go home again" in this game. But we are right on the doorstep of Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS. And I will begin playing that (I hope) next week. I am not sure when I will be back to LarkRise and Apple. They will stay there for me. Not all the townsfolk will, but I'm hoping the ones I like best will stay.

It's the oddest feeling, like the end of an era. Maybe I'll discover it's not that. Maybe I am just in a weird mood today.

Green-purple line

Thursday, March 8, 2007, 2:40am: I am not sure if I went to LarkRise at ALL last year or not. When I went earlier this/last evening, I found a lottery ticket for March in my pear wardrobe down in the basement. But which year? Everyone keeps saying I haven't talked to him/her for 14 months. Eep!

I've gotten almost everything squared away in town except for weeds. Maybe I will run into Wisp some night and let *him* take care of the weeds. :-)  Yay! Dora is still in LarkRise! Aziz talked about leaving, but I sent him a letter plus sporty shirt. I am hoping he'll reconsider.

3:10pm: To remind myself, because this is a slightly twisty timeline: my first and primary town was and is LarkRise. My first secondary town was Happy, with Sonny living there all alone. He eventually "moved" to LarkRise. My second secondary town was Tempus (for time-travelling experiments), with Doc (from Dr. Who) as my human resident. I forget why that town went into the other dimension. My third secondary town was NeatTown (my successful bid for a tri-level town) with Felix and Bianca as my human residents. See July 29th and 30th, 2003 for a tiny bit more. Eventually NeatTown also went into the mists of time. Sonny and fleur both moved away from LarkRise at some point. I forget if I had a fourth resident during their sojourns in LarkRise. Mousie was always there and remains to this day. Anyway, Mousie got lonely after fleur and Sonny left; so MeToo, Vera, and eventually Lilly moved into LarkRise. So my current and only AC-GCN town is LarkRise with Mousie, MeToo, Vera, and Lilly as the human residents. Different animals in LarkRise are from different towns--one or two from Tempus, possibly one from NeatTown, etc.

Ooooh, I tell a lie. I *do* have another GCN Animal Crossing town, but technically it's not mine. It's Cat'r's town of Apple. I am keeping it for him if he ever decides he wants to go back. I play as him sometimes, but I have tried to keep things pretty much the way he had them. Or do things as I think he would want them done.

Green-purple line

Friday, March 9, 2007, 7:51am: Yesterday late afternoon/early evening I weeded the entire town of LarkRise. It wasn't as hard a task as I thought it would be. I talked to townsfolk as I went along. And now the Wishing Well says the town is perfect again. Yay! Everything looks nice too.

Bought some more springtime shirts for Mousie, Vera, and Lilly. And Lilly sent one shirt each to Dora and Boots (an alligator who is the newest resident and a nice guy despite his catchphrase being "munchie" (eep!)). Fished a little and enjoyed it immensely. :-)  But it's hard getting used to NOT running down to the see Blathers at the museum to identify a fossil! LOL! I have to remember to send each of those off to the Farway Museum--in *this* game Blathers has not yet taken his correspondence course in order to be able to identify the fossils himself.

It is so good to be back in LarkRise!

Green-purple line

Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 7:16am: On Sunday I went back to LarkRise. I found it full of weeds, my houses infested, and neighbours thinking I hated them because I had not been back for nine months! Eek! I also found a Winter Storm Warning posted on the bulletin board. So I got everyone in winter clothes and hats, cleaned up houses, and talked to a few people. Everyone has a Festive Tree (small or large) in his/her house, so I think we're ready for the season. I also went to Apple as Cat'r, to check on things there. Same conditions. I made what few arrangements I needed to for the coming storm.

Yesterday I went back to LarkRise and found the ground covered in a blanket of freshly-fallen snow. It was continuing to snow, the music was all tinkly, and there were coloured lights twinkling in many trees all over town. It was beautiful! It became even more beautiful when I weeded the entire town of nine months' worth of weeds! The Wishing Well says everything is once again perfect. Ah, wintertime in Animal Crossing! And when we get into the latter part of January and the snow just seems a bit much, I can always take a little trip to my island, where it's always summertime.






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