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As of June 17, 2006, these are all the wonderful BABW friends
that had come home with me! On March 25, 2010, some of these
folks decided to go out into the wide world to seek new adventures.


Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here!


Martin, seen on the previous page. I knew right off he was a policeman!
(now retired...but who knows what secret work he might be doing?)


Hope, a very sweet girl who doesn't mind dressing up in outlandish
costumes that I come up with for her.


Sophie: Martin's little sister comes home! Martin is very protective of her
and doesn't let (potentially) naughty fuzzies hang about her! (little does
Martin know that NONE of our fuzzies is naughty...wellll...Teddy does like
to pretend to be naughty!)


This is Orlando. I got him from Oprah's shop online.
I didn't stuff him or put his heart in, and he didn't come
with a birth certificate. He arrived here sometime in
October or November 2004. He was wearing a tee
shirt that had a big O on it, so I waffled a while about
his/her name and came up with Orlando (after Virginia
Woolf's hero/heroine).


Cricket is named after a border collie I knew long ago. This Cricket is
a lot more sedate than that boisterous doggie of years gone by. On March 25, 2010
she decided to go out into the world to seek new experiences and adventures.


William had just come home with me from the grocery store; and when
I saw Mary, I knew she was the girl for him! Here is a photo of them
together. In the above photo she is wearing a bridal gown. Well, it was
about time! And it's June. :-)


Joy is a diminutive little cutie. She is a special BABW bear from Target.
These fuzzies come in a kit: you stuff them and name them at home. You
fill out the accompanying official birth certificate yourself. On March 25,
2010 she too went with many others to seek her fortune in new places.


Gordon is named after Gordon Elliot, TV personality, who is also Australian!
The only reason I can think that Gordon got a party birth certificate is that
there was probably a party going through just before we got there that evening.
On March 25, 2010 Gordon informed me that he is a wandering soul and wanted
to see more of the world. So he too has gone out to seek new adventures.


Miles is a very velvet-y bear named after Miles Standish. I intended for
him to wear a Pilgrim's outfit for Thanksgiving 2005, but I got sick and
didn't get around to dressing up my bears and people for the holidays.




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