~ I Remember Mama ~



I thought I would bring together the various things I have throughout this website about Mama. She passed from this life on September 29, 2010. It's hard to believe it's been five years. I'm so glad she was and is our mother. I miss her lots still...






My Mother's Day Page, created around 2005.

~ A Mother's Love ~

and a poem that I wrote:

~ Mother-love ~



Various health issues came up, which I talked about in CountryMouse's Diary:

An injury

Brain surgery

Nursing home

Return to hospital

Long-term nursing home care

Then, after several years, she passed away on St. Michaels' Day, 2010. Here is the fairly amazing story of that...plus a music video I did:

Passing Over


Burial and A Little Memorial

A sad song I wrote, because mourning takes a while...

Going Through The Motions

and a cover of this song, by a friend on YouTube

Going Through The Motions (cover)

The first Mother's Day without Mama:

A Mother's Day Card I Made, 2011


A beautiful video my sister made for Mother's Day in 2011.

Happy memories to treasure forever!




Thank you forever for being our mother! You made the best potato salad, pumpkin pie, soft sugar cookies, and a million other yummy foods for us.

You never thought you did a good job decorating our Christmas tree, but you always did. I loved how you arranged the packages around the tree each year. I admire how you saved all through the year to get us just the presents we wanted. We didn't have a lot of money, but you always put a lot of thought into our gifts.

You had a hands-off approach to your teenage children. You were never a snoop and gave us our privacy.

You had a great sense of humour, loved all kinds of music, had the most beautiful handwriting, and I will never forget your Southern accent, toned-down from years in the North.

Thank you for being a strong, savvy business woman. You worked hard, keeping everything running in an orderly fashion.

Thank you for always taking good care of us, through all the illnesses and injuries that children are prone to. You always brought us little presents from the grocery store when we were sick in bed, a magazine or something nice to entertain us. You were always there for us.

I will never forget one birthday, when I was grown up but back home living with you, when you stuck little Post-It notes all around the apartment with Happy Birthday and other messages on them. Those were the kinds of presents that money can't buy and mean the most.

I don't think we let you know how much we appreciated all you did (and probably we didn't think about those things then--young people often don't). But thank you for everything.



From your non-mushy daughter to her non-mushy mother,

I love you always.






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