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 Here are the current residents of the high-rise apartment houses also known as The Condominiums, as of March 2010. Individual pictures of various people also appear on other pages in the Fuzzy Friends section!

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~ See slight update below ~

Reserved for Henrik
Highgate Tower (left) and the venerable Stutz Apartments Top floor apartment of Highgate Tower Highgate Tower: My beautiful colour-changing bear Christopher (my Vermont Teddy Bear) and Orlando Flopsy, Monet, and Bear
Stutz Apartments: Skye, Pooh, and Rolf Stutz Beary-Bear and Samuel Wesley Silverbear ("The Bear Who Waited For Me") E. Norm Mouse, Pixie, Cookie Mouse, Jasper, and (front and center) Daisy Emmy, Lady Mouse, Alice, Angelina Ballerina, and Sniffy Stripes Stellaluna
Woody's Townhouse Left to right: Halo II, Woody & Hissy ("There's a snake in my boots!"), Halo Coffee Noble, Rosette, and Butterbeary Mary and William, husband and wife Sherbert (sic)
Skyview Manor (left) and Clifftop Villa Skyview Manor: Psyduck, a Bean Sprouts frog, and three Puffkins: an alligator, mouse, and owl Champ and Chops The Snowman, Singing Christmastime Mouse Girl, Cottage Mousie, Jinglemouse, Garlands, and Janglemouse Nicholas Martin-Maryetta and Peef
Johnny, Rocky, and Bernadette DeBearvoir Einstein Lovey, Bloom, and Ratzo Clifftop Villa: Hello Kitty, Lilly, Owen, and a Tare Panda Martin and Sophie, brother and sister
Hope, dressed as Tinker Bell! Little Fuzzy, Child of the Ice Age lain and serial experiments hello kitty   All my Build-A-Bear Workshop Friends on these pages.
A new condo, built in 2010, over in the next county of Mouse Country! This is The Briarberry Abode. Sarahberry and BerryAnn in front; Mollyberry and Pennyberry behind but not visible in this photo Hannahberry and Berrysue in front; Berryellen and Berrykate behind but not visible in this photo Berryangela resting/meditating in the carrycase/steamer trunk/freestanding closet. My Briarberry Bears and Their Friends on this page.

Update as of Monday, October 4, 2010

Celestial Letter Box
The top apartment was reserved for Henrik, but he'll have to share (when he eventually gets here) This is how I will be sending larger letters and cards to The Other Side



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