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Part 44

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004, 8:22pm: It's September ! I'm an autumn girl , so we're now in my favourite season.  :-)

I didn't even get around to unpausing Betty today--oops! Much distracted by Animal Crossing, plus a long phone call with my family in Florida and concerns about Hurricane Frances.

Thursday, September 2, 2004, 8:56am: A new splash/entrance page, with some ragtime pyrotechnics!  :-)

Saturday, September 4, 2004, 12:46am: I've had Betty on pause. She is still a Young Mimitchi. Snake, Cat'r's TamC, married and had a SON, so I am waiting for his son to get to marriageable age for Betty.  :-)

Safe under her wings

My family is once again in the path of a hurricane. This time it's Frances, which will make landfall on the east coast of Florida, but come across the peninsula packing wind and rain. Surprisingly *we* will eventually get Frances up here in Ohio, as a low-pressure system.

And former President Clinton is going to have quadruple bypass heart surgery. So this and the above topic are two things for prayers and positive thoughts.

Night Sky Kisses Adoptions

Sunday, September 5, 2004, 2:52pm: Well, I don't think that information for the Tampa Weather Pixie is up-to-date. Hurricane Frances' western eye wall winds are just about there. Tropical storm-force winds at *least*, if not hurricane-force winds. ::mouse hopes her family down there is safe and the house holds okay::

7:46pm: Good news. Things were kinda scary, but all held.  :-)

Monday, September 6, 2004, Labor Day (U.S.): Things are still kinda rough, weather-wise, for my folks down in Florida. Frances' winds and rain on the backside are still pretty heavy. There is always the danger of tornadoes too. ::sigh::

I took Betty off pause this afternoon--she needs to become an adult so she will be ready to wed Cat'r's Tam, a 2d generation boy who doesn't have a name yet. Bunnicula is already on a 3d generation! IIRC it's a girl (name? I don't know ) that is a Kinakomotchi.

Woohoo! Pet shops and Doodles (the pets you can adopt to live on your estate) have come to Open on Toontown! Little Comet Flippendorf adopted a yellow/orange Doodle which she named Citrus, and Poppy Flippendorf adopted a pale-blue bunny-ish-looking one named Blueberry. Over on Test Toontown Little Corky Flippendorf has one named Taxicab (I forget the colour!) and Dizzy Aunt Dotty has a pretty white Doodle named Thistle. Also on Test, on Cat'r's estate ("The Food Court"), there are two brown Doodles: Oatmeal O'Malley's Doodle is named Fusebox and Chili Cheese Fries' Doodle is named Cadbury.  :-)  (O. O'M. is Cat'r's toon; CCF is my toon. Cat'r also has toons named Drink O'Water and Cheese)  When you go visit someone else's estate, all the Doodles from *your* estate come with you, so that your Doodles can visit your *friend's* Doodles! Lots of fun!  :-)

Animal Crossing doings can be found here.

We've been watching more "King's Restaurant", the excellent Japanese "dorama" series Bunnicula got for us. We plan to watch another episode or two tonight.  :-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2004, 6:32am: Heh. I just started up my Devilgotchi. I have had it for years and years, but never got around to playing with it! (I have the purple-and-white-one) I am not going to make a page for it (I don't *think*......). I just wanted to see if its batteries are okay and such. I am carefully following mits' instructions on her Tamagotchi Square site here. So far I have a fat little Deviltchi. :-D  He's already been naughty once, giving me an opportunity to bring his Devil Power down one notch. It's at 50 now. Whoops, he wouldn't let me check the Status screen, so discipline again. Now he's at 40 DP.  :-D 

9:14am: Mousie changes her mind. Here is My Devilgotchi page.

As for Betty, I am still waiting for her to become an adult. She also needs to get to know Cat'r's little boy TamC (who is as yet nameless because his dad is still there with him). She is going to have to wait for her future husband to grow up!

3:26pm: Betty is going to marry a boy named JELLO!!! LOL! He's just a baby now, so she will have to wait for him...or vice versa. :-P

VPet Fever has overtaken me once again: I just bought a Japanese Tamagotchi Plus from Jason Reid, a very reputable seller on eBay. It's a pretty pink-with-magenta (it looks like) trim and buttons...and cherry blossoms? Anyway, very pretty.  :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2004, 12:45pm: Both Az and Betty look like they are not progressing because I had to have them both on pause last evening. I needed to get SLEEP and not worry if I would miss any events or anything. I know there are several evening/night events with Devilgotchi, but I will just have to see them another night...maybe tonight. :-) When Betty becomes an adult, she will have to spend a good deal of time on pause, waiting for Jello, Cat'r's TamC, to grow up! :-P  I am trying to decide if I should take Az with me up to the bookstore today....hmm....

Today we are getting rain from Tropical Depression Frances! Nice and cool and rainy and breezy--perfect mouse weather! We are just being brushed by Frances' western edge, so we won't get the heavy rain that will fall in eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and other less fortunate places.

Thursday, September 9, 2004, 9:18am: Around 9am, when I was in the other room and couldn't get to her, Betty changed into an adult! She is now a Mimitchi! Yay! So cute! Jello, Cat'r's TamC, is now an Oniotchi. Betty has to wait for him to grow up now. :-)

The Golden CompassIt was a good thing I didn't take Az with me to the bookstore yesterday. I probably wouldn't have heard him beep; and I really was busy looking at STUFF! I ended up getting two of the three His Dark Materials books in trade paperback. I already have The Golden Compass in trade paperback; I have a funky little paperback of The Subtle Knife; and I didn't have a copy of The Amber SpyglassInside Mouse, Outside Mouse at all--I had read Cat'r's hardback copy. So I got the second and third books in nice trade paperback editions, to match my copy of The Golden Compass (the one with Lyra and Iorek Byrnison on the cover--click on picture at left to see it larger). I also got a cute mousey book called Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse (click on picture at right to see it LARGER). And I got a copy of The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth (from Beacon Press, a department of the Unitarian Universalist Association).

Jules and JimFor movies I got "Outfoxed" and "Jules et Jim", both on DVD. I saw "Outfoxed" recently and was very impressed. I want to watch it again. "Jules et Jim" I have been wanting for YEARS. I saw it a long time ago and loved it, primarily because of Oskar Werner, but also because of its theme (click on the pic at left to see it larger).

Music: "Future Soundtrack for America" (from Music for America and; "Details" by Frou Frou; "The Best of Bollywood"; and "Some Melodious Sonnet" by Hanneke Cassel. (click on all pics below to see them larger)


Friday, September 10, 2004, 9am: New splash/entrance page: maybe I am willing Autumn to come sooner or maybe it's just that the nights are starting to feel a bit cooler...but for me summer is over now.

As we think about our losses of 2001 tomorrow, let us not forget the recent terrible losses endured by the Russian people in Beslan.


In Memory of All Those Killed in Beslan, Russia - September 3d, 2004


11:22am: I am unpausing Betty just long enough so she can get to know Jello and Groo better. Betty gave Jello a ball today. :-)  Of course, earlier she gave him a gift of poop, which was *not* very nice for an adult, a Mimitchi, to do! Hmm!

Az is still at the age of 1 Day, since I have had him paused quite a bit. He does call fairly often and need more attention. I will be glad when he transforms into his next stage!

Saturday, September 11, 2004, 12:54pm: Today is my birthday. I woke up to a cute handmade card from Cat'r sitting on my keyboard. :-)  From Bunnicula I got a nice card, an gift certificate, a Hello Kitty plush (wearing a raincoat!), and a teddy bear calendar. From Mama I got a Vera the Mouse birthday card and a check. From the Texas Kitty I got a long letter and an origami cicada!! From the Women of Strength and Inner Beauty I got *beautiful* gift pages. I just got a very cute animated e-card from Mom Peepers. Hehehehe: fish and lighting candles just doooon't mix. :-P

Today Cat'r and I were having our Tamagotchi Connection Tams meet (Betty is warming up to Jello a little less quickly than Jello is warming up to *her*!). Then we both got the low battery sign. After I got the new batteries in, Betty started playing all kinds of fancy little melodies instead of the regular beeps and chimes. Maybe because it's my birthday?

Az turned into a scary-looking Bakedebirutchi at 12:15pm today. Eek! I guess my chance for a Debiru Mametchi is out the window. :-(    Oh well, maybe next time.

I played Animal Crossing this morning and plan on playing again tonight, after 8pm, to go get music from K.K. Slider. :-)

In case you think I have forgotten, I haven't. I just can't deal with too much of the memorial services...that might sound wimpy or unfeeling or something, but I can't help that. That's one of the reasons I created a memorial page--it stands in my place for today. I visit it often, actually; but especially today it's just too hard to dwell on, at least for me. So it says those things for me, for today, that I can't. I won't ever forget, as none of us ever should. May blessings and comfort be upon the survivors and families and friends of the victims of 9/11...Additional thoughts: a votive candle is a representation of one's prayer, even when one can't continue to hold the prayer in one's conscious mind. It stands in one's stead. That's what my 9/11 Memorial Page does. It is like a votive candle.

See yesterday's entry also.

Sunday, September 12, 2004, 6:56am: The lovely WOSIB birthday gift pages are up. [EDIT Jan. 14, 2005: They are no longer on my website, but I do still have them on a CD I burned] I still need to find out how to save the guestbook to my own server.

Last evening I received my birthday gift pages from the Garden of Friendship. I will get those up in the next day or so, as soon as I get the .zip file of them.  :-)

6:02pm: Well finally! Betty finally likes Jello enough that when he reaches maturity, they can get married! Jello gave her *NICE* gifts today: flowers and cake.  :-)   On another note (no pun intended), Betty was still making all kinds of weird sounds and tones, so I took her battery out, then put it back in--she sounds normal again. :-)

Az is still his scary mischievous self. I had him on pause a good deal today--I didn't have time to deal with him. He's awake/alert now, though!

We finished watching "King's Restaurant" (it was wonderful! but I wonder what happens next...). Last night we started watching "Star No Koi", in which an everyday guy falls in love with a superstar, who at the moment is toying with him...but we shall see what happens! (click on the pic at right to see it larger)

9:51pm: Animal Crossing doings.

Jello, Cat'r's Tamagotchi Connection Tam and Betty's future husband, turned into a Gozarutchi this evening! However the time was just not right for them to get married tonight, so tomorrow sometime, we hope.  :-)

Monday, September 13, 2004, 11:58pm: Bizzy day, kept my two Tams on pause all day.

I've just added some critical information to the Komputer Koala entries in the diary here. I don't know why I was so cagey at the time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004, 9:17pm:  Today Betty and Jello got to know each other better and get onto a sweetheart basis (4 hearts in the friends meter)! Jello brought Betty flowers and cake, the sure way to win a girl's heart! Each time they met, there was a love-y heart there. It was very cute. Maybe tomorrow will be the wedding!

Az is his usual bein'-bad self.

Minor scare/excitement this evening: while the oven was heating up for pizza, we heard a loud BZZZT and a THUNK! Cat'r turned the stove off immediately. The heating element in the stove actually broke. There was a little bit of smoke, the smoke alarm went off, we opened the windows for a little while, then back to a/c after that. This stove is at least 20 years old; so tomorrow I will phone the landlords and tell them what happened. Nervous about even using any of the top burners at present. :-/

11:01pm: I'm gonna get a very bad next character on my Devilgotch, I just know it. A couple nights now I have forgotten to check Az before bedtime, and he's gone to sleep with poop beside him (he's hanging upside-down to sleep). Also, the last time I looked, his Devil Power was something high like 70 or something. EEEK!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004, 11:13am: New stove tomorrow or Friday. :-)

Eek, Az's Devil Power is up so high! It's at 90DP. I hope this doesn't cause him to go back to the Devil World before he fully matures here!    :-(

I haven't updated Betty's page yet; but today she and Jello met again. He gave her a bow to wear in her hair! So cute! She gave guessed it: poop. "Betty's bein' bad." I think Betty and Jello have to reach a certain age before they can marry--must be some obscure Tamagotchi Planet law...

11:51am: Okay, Betty's stats are updated.

Thursday, September 16, 2004, 1:10pm: New stove being delivered sometime this afternoon--too busy to have Tams running today. I think Jello is on pause, since Cat'r is out and about and has things to do also.

11:26pm: The beautiful new stove arrived this afternoon. Then we had to wait for someone from the office to come flip the circuit breaker back on down in the basement (we don't know where it is...but our old stove blew it/shut if off when it had its accident).

The cute and wonderful Garden of Friendship birthday gift pages are up now!

Friday, September 17, 2004: (from



Ganapati Bappa Morya!


   Happy Birthday, Mr. Ganesh.


  (go to my Ganesh pages here)


Sunday, September 19, 2004, 7:05pm: Rats. I don't know how I could've kept Az's devil power (DP) down, but it got too high and he ended up with a BAD END.  :-(   I answered him every time he called, using the handshake, which reduces devil power; and I always disciplined him when he was naughty and turned the screen black, pretended to fall asleep during a game, etc. ::sigh::  Well, I probably won't raise another devilgotchi until some of us on the VPetsML Yahoo group have a group hatching near the end of October.

Betty and Jello have been on pause because Cat'r has had a cold and hasn't felt up to keeping track of what Jello was doing. When they get old enough, they will marry. :-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004, 12:25am:  I Love Fall  It'll be officially autumn in just about 12 hours now! At 12:30pm EDT the autumnal equinox will occur.

Well, I finished the Oprah's Book Club Selection, The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, waaaay too fast (in two days!); so I had to just move along to the second book in the trilogy: Sons. I have a nice hardbound copy of the entire House of Earth trilogy, which I've read before, so I started the second book this (Tueday) evening. These are definitely books worth reading and rereading! Such writing, such characters, such action!

3:56pm: I've added a link here and there around the website so you can be sure you get registered to vote or if you need to see about updating any information! The top index page of CM's Diary is one place to look.

Ah, Betty. Well, she has been on pause somewhat. One morning I slept late when she was NOT on pause, and she woke me beeping that she had empty hungry and happy hearts. EEEEP! I have never let a Tam get that bad off before, that I can ever recall! Anyway, still waiting for the right time for Betty and Jello to get married. Soon, soon,  I hope!

6:47pm:  At 5:02pm Betty and Jello (Cat'r's Tam) got married, there were fireworks, then Betty gave birth to two bouncing bebitchi (boys)! One went over to live with his father, one is staying with Betty. What happened next was harrowing for *me*, since I thought Jello was going to be a widower! The needs-a-new-battery sign came on. I put a new battery in. I laid Betty & child's egg down, went into the other room for a minute, came back and found the needs-a-new-battery sign on AGAIN, even though I had just put in a brand-new battery! I put another new battery in. It wouldn't respond. I eventually took Betty's egg apart down to the circuit board, trying to see if I could figure out what was wrong. I couldn't. I put everything back together, put the new battery in, and it started up. Weird. Scary. She's okay at the moment. I hope things continue to go okay. Betty's relaxing in a hot tub at present.

Weather descriptionFriday, September 24, 2004, 8:46am: Apparently we are having "insignificant" weather today--heh. Click the image at left to see it much larger and see what I am talking about.  :-P  Actually.......insignificant weather is preferable to significant weather! See mooooore weather here!

4:44pm: Mother and child are doing well...when I remember to clean up the poop! Eep! Poor bebitchi has gotten sick twice. :-(   I've become a terrible slacker mother. :-(  Oh well, I'm hoping Betty's boy will be resilient and thrive.

Oh yes. I stopped reading Sons, the second book in The House of Earth Trilogy by Pearl S. Buck. I needed to get away from violence and treachery and such. I needed something soothing. So I am currently reading The Outermost House by Henry Beston.

Protector Guardian Angel


Saturday, September 25, 2004, 2:30pm: Hurricane Jeanne is threatening Florida. So once again I ask the gods and the angels to watch over and protect my family, plus their pets, their home and property. They are in the Tampa Bay area. May the storm avoid them and leave them totally unscathed.

Um, this might sound trifling (but not, if you're a pet owner/lover); but they are also worried about a little doggie they are adopting who is not old enough to leave his family yet (not until October 4th), so they are concerned that he (and all the other people and animals at that house, in the same town) will be okay too.

The best thing that could happen for my family down there right now is that the storm take a hard right turn to the north now. Anyone out there, who does not mind doing weather workings, please add your thoughts. Any and all protective prayers gratefully accepted on their behalf.

Guardian Angels by NSK Creations

3:57pm: Make that *two* new little puppies (see above)! They couldn't decide, so they are getting two Chihuahua puppies on October 4th.  :-) 

Will be phoning my family again shortly after 5pm, after the latest update on Jeanne.

Sunday, September 26, 2004, 8:21pm: My family got some pretty strong winds (50-60mph sustained; 75mph and + gusts) and torrential rain today from Hurricane Jeanne. Their power was out for about 12 hours. However their house came through okay: the windows held, all shingles still in place, etc. :-)  Even the tiny little grapefruit tree, which has weathered the other hurricanes, is still there, fruit and all! It's leaning a bit, but they can prop it back up vertical. :-)  Now all they have to do is get their a/c back on. It's got two different circuit breakers and some kind of complex thermostat.

Bunnicula's Tam Connect, Ahmot, got married a day or so ago (Mrs. Busybody, the matchmaker, came around) and had a shirobebitchi (a girl)! So my 3d generation boy and B.'s 5th generation girl are destined to become Tam and bride! :-P Here are Betty's stats at present.

Monday, September 27, 2004, 10:34am: Betty has gone on her way, probably to have adventures in this world before going back to Planet Tamagotchi! Caleb began life on his own this morning. He seems very energetic, as he was able to jump 25 out of 30 hurdles!

11:16am:  At 11:08am Caleb transformed from a bebitchi into a kinakomotchi! Boy, those little babies sure are poop factories--LOL! I think it was Cat'r that coined that term "poop factory"--heh. :-D  Anyway, I think the poop production will slow down a bit, now that Caleb is in his 2d (rebellious) stage.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004, 3:50pm: I have been remiss in not showing you until now one of the loveliest birthday presents I got! ChiChi crocheted me the softest, most beautiful stole! I got it about a week or so ago; but since she has a cat and I have allergies, I needed to wash it first before I could enjoy its luxury (just to be safe).  Click on the pictures to see them larger.


Thursday, September 30, 2004, 7:21am: Crochet and yarn stuff in my LiveJournal entries over the last few days: Sept. 28th, Sept. 29th, and today. I may try knitting with the Red Heart Light and Lofty and see if that's any easier for me.


Sparkly line




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