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The pictures on this page are from one of many snowfalls in January 1978 here in the Ohio River Valley. I thought I had pictures from the Blizzard of '78, which was January 25-26, 1978; but the batch of photos I *found* were taken January 17, 1978. I seem to recall that after the Blizzard of '78 we weren't out frolicking in the snow because it was terrifically cold, with the actual temperatures reaching -25oF. and wind chill temperatures dangerously lower than that. Schools and businesses were closed. People were urged to stay indoors and not go out unless it was an emergency. The apartment house we lived in at the time had no storm windows, nor did we have any insulation at the windows. IT WAS COLD!


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I took these photos on January 17, 1978. There was about a foot of snow on the ground and more was coming down!








Pooh-Bear in the middle of LOTS of snow! Back of our apt. building Snowy parking lot and back of our bldg.
My friend Pooh-Bear.    



One thing about the parking lot that those 3 cars and the people are in, in the above photo: the parking lot used to fill up with water when it rained, like a large pool. In winter it became a large, impromptu skating rink for neighbourhood children!


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