A Cheeky Angel

The series is also known as Tenshi na konamaiki.It's one of the Japanese anime series that hasn't been released in the U.S. and perhaps never will be, which is a shame.

This is an excellent series. It's similar at first to Ranma 1/2 in that you have a young boy who is magically changed into a girl and who wants to return to being male.

From that point on, though, it's different. The boy, Megumi, has a childhood best friend, a girl named Miki who is there when he is transformed into a she. Megumi is a girl 100% of the time and does not have Ranma's ability to change at will.

Although still wanting very much to be returned to being a male, Megumi is, quite reluctantly, coming to terms with being a girl. Whenever she does something that is "girly," she tends to freak, thinking she is losing more and more of her manhood.

The situation is not made any easier by the fact that Megumi is one of the most attractive girls in her school and ends up getting a devoted following of guys, particularly one named Soga who is obsessed with Megumi and wants to date her.

The series, then, is largely one examining relationships between people, people's wishes and desires, and how all these must be brought together to get by in the "real" world.

Synopsis of some of the manga

Volumes 1 and 2
Volumes 3 and 4
Volumes 5 and 6
Volumes 7 and 8
Volumes 9 and 10
Volumes 11 and 12
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