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Aborigine Spirituality as the Grounding Theme in the Films of Peter Weir
Adaptation Redux
A Guide to the Decades-old Mystery Behind Picnic at Hanging Rock
Amazon's Fever Dream: Picnic at Hanging Rock is No Walk in the Park
Amazon's Picnic at Hanging Rock Miniseries is a Horror Story That Will Haunt You
Amazon Revisits Classic Tale of Picnic at Hanging Rock
Amazon's Picnic at Hanging Rock Suggests That Sometimes Less is More
An Australian Film Reader General Comments
Angel White
An Unknowable Evil in Picnic at Hanging Rock
A Strong Belief in Wicker
A Terrific Natalie Dormer Ensures Picnic at Hanging Rock Won't Vanish Without a Trace
Australian Film 1900-1977 entry
Australia’s Hanging Rock, Not Haunted?
Beauty, Myth and Monolith: Picnic at Hanging Rock and the Vibration of Sacrality
Biblical Studies in an Australian Context
Black Light Cafe
Contrasting Cultural Landscapes and spaces in Peter Weir's flm Picnic at Hanging Rock.
Costume Secrets
Criterion Files #29: Picnic at Hanging Rock
Critics Round Up on Picnic at Hanging Rock
Deleted scenes from You Tube
Did It Really Happen: Picnic at Hanging Rock
Dreams within a Dream: The Films of Peter Weir
Elements of Horror
Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997): Picnic at Hanging Rock
Excerpt from Venice magazine
Fact and Fiction in Joan Lindsay's Picnic at Hanging Rock (1990)
Fear and Loathing in the Australian Bush
Film/Picnic at Hanging Rock
Film Quaterly
Film Review
Final Girl Film Club - Picnic at Hanging Rock
Fixated on the footsteps of Miranda
Globalisation and Home Values in New Australian Cinema Journal
Guestbook entries with information on the movie
Hanging Rock
Hanging Rock Ley Line
Hanging Rock: The Mystery Solved
How Does Amazon's Picnic at Hanging Rock Compare to the Movie and the Book
How White Australia and Picnic at Hanging Rock have tarnished the legacy of a sacred Aboriginal site
In Search of Picnic's Past
Is ‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’ Based On A True Story?
It's an overheated Picnic at Hanging Rock that Baz Luhrmann might love.
Joan Lindsay: A Time for Everything
Joan Lindsay Biographical Material
Kate's Blog
Metro Magazine
Miranda Revisited: portrait of Anne Louise Lambert at Hanging Rock
Mulberry Hill - The origin story of Picnic at Hanging Rock
Mystery and Philosophy
Natalie Dormer and the Picnic at Hanging Rock Cast Talk #MeToo and Equality
On This Day: Picnic at Hanging Rock
Opening Statement
Page Turners
Paranormal aspects of Picnic at Hanging Rock
Paranormal Guide
Peter Weir's Hauntingly Beautiful Film Makes The Film World Sit Up"
Peter Wier's Picnic at Hanging Rock, an in-depth analysis
Picnic At Hanging Rock 40th anniversary
Picnic at Hanging Rock: Reviewed: A Haunting Evocation of Late Adolescence and All Its Mysteries
Picnic at Hanging Rock Review: Amazon's Series Takes Bold Leaps but Misses the Landing
Picnic at Hanging Rock: A mystery still unsolved
Picnic at Hanging Rock as Discussed in Horror films of the 1970's, John Muie
Picnic at Hanging Rock - Australian Celebrity Psychics Cashing In?
Picnic at Hanging Rock: Australia's Own Valentine's Day Mystery
Picnic At Hanging Rock Dialogue Transcript
Picnic at Hanging Rock (play)
Picnic at Hanging Rock-the Movie
"Picnic at Hanging Rock": Porn +Botticelli + Frankenstein = Relationship Predictor
Picnic at Hanging Rock: Rewatching classic Australian films
'Picnic at Hanging Rock' Stage Manager Decodes Mystery
Picnic at Hanging Rock Review- Tale of Missing Schoolgirls Haunted By Its Own Retelling
Picnic at Hanging Rock: The Extraordinary Story
Picnic at Hanging Rock: The Unseen Voices
Picnic at Hanging Rock TV Review
Picnic at Hanging Rock: What We See and What We Seem
Picnic Being the Operative Word: Mrs. Appleyard and Sara in Picniic at Hanging Rock
Postcolonialism and the Narrative Construction of Australia
Radiator Heaven
Return to Hanging Rock
"Rocky Horror" from Newsweek March 5, 1979
Salammbo Press
Savage Hippie
Scesessential: The Disappearance
Secrets at Hanging Rock
Secrets of Hanging Rock: Eerie Location of Haunting Tale of Schools Who Vanished on St. Valentines Day, 1900
Senses of Cinema
Shadows and Influence
Sounding Unstable Terrain in Peter Weir's Picnic at Hanging Rock
Spectral Redux: Hanging Rock on Video
Stage Whispers: Picnic at Hanging Rock
Subtle, unsettling horror: Picnic at Hanging Rock
Sydney Morning Herald
The Aussie Picture Show (excerpts)
The Drama Teacher
The Hanging Rock Piper, Weir, Lindsay and the Spectral Fluidity of Nothing
The Inscrutable Mysteries of Picnic of Hanaing Rock and Lake Mungo
The Miniseries Carries on a Possibly True Urban Legend That's Fascinated Australia for Decades
The Monster Within: Australian Gothic Emphasizes the Terror of the Familiar
The Mysterious Girls of Picnic at Hanging Rock
The Mystique of Hanging Rock
Theological Reflections on Picnic at Hanging Rock
This miniseries carries on a possibly true urban legend that's fascinated Australia for decades
The Original Picnic at Hanging Rock Is the Dreamiest Nightmare Ever
The Puzzle of the Art Filmi
The Real Story Behind Picnic at Hanging Rock, Australia's New TV Obsession
There are numerous theories about the Australian classic, Picnic at Hanging Rock. So what’s the truth?
The Rock and the Void: Pastoral and Loss in Joan Lindsay's Picnic at Hanging Rock and Peter Weir's Film Adaptation
The Secret of Hanging Rock
The Solution to Joan Lindsay's Novel 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'?
The Spirit of Australia in Picnic at Hanging Rock
The Strange Case of Picnic at Hanging Rock
The True Story Behind Picnic at Hanging Rock
The Truth About Hanging Rock
The truth Behind Joan Lindsay's Classic Novel
TV Review: Picnic at Hanging Rock
Unveiled Secrets
Urban Legends
"Vanishing Point" from Time April 23, 1979
Variety article from Feb. 21, 1977
Variety article from March 2, 1977
Venture into the Australian Wilderness For A Chilling Picnic at Hanging Rock
Walkabout to Nowhere
Weir(d) Australia: Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Last Wave
What I Got to Say
What the End of Pinic at Hanging Rock Means According to the Cast and Director
What Really Happened at Hanging Rock
What Really Happened to the Girls at Hanging Rock?
Where Evil Lurks Beneath the Sun or Picnic at Hanging Rock
Why Do People Freak Out Over Picnic at Hanging Rock
Why the lost daughters of Picnic at Hanging Rock still haunt us

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