Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi/The Fantastic Deer Man/The Amazing Deer Man

I've seen all three names used for this dorama. The version that I was able to get I think is basically an “unofficial” version of the DVD. I checked a number of places on-line that sell “legitimate” DVDs, and was unable to find a different version, the actual one released in Japan (which is shown once at the end of one of the episodes), although I don't know if that one has been released with English subtitles or not.

The movie is subtitled in Chinese and English. It has the worst subtitling job I have ever seen in any dorama (at least the version of the series I have does.) There are many times when the sentence makes absolutely no sense at all. Most of the time, though, I can figure out what the person is supposed to be saying.

The story concerns Ogawa Takanobu, an unfortunate fellow who is always having things going wrong with him, like the woman he thought was his girlfriend marries the guy at the office that he hates. He ends up teaching at all-girls school.

Second, there is Hotta Ito is one of her students. At first she seems to have a major problem with her attitude, but as things go on we find that she is really a very complex person.

Third, there is Michiko, a female teacher at the school who is interested in Ogawa and becomes jealous if he seems to be interested in another woman, especially the one called Madonna, yet she hides her interest from him.

Fourth, there's a talking deer.

The basic plot: Japan is going to be destroyed if Ogawa can't provide the deer with an object that can be used in a ceremony to stop the earthquakes and prevent the possible destruction of much if not all of Japan.

It's a very good series, quite interesting with a variety of characters.

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