Long Vacation review

This is a wonderful eleven-episode series dealing with romantic relationships, music and people's insecurities about themselves.

Sena is a twenty-five-year-old piano player. He plays the piano well, but his own inner emotional problems prevent him from playing at his potential. One day Minami, a woman dressed in a traditional bridal outfit, shows up at Sena's apartment looking for his roomate who was supposed to be her husband.

Unfortuantely he dumped her, and later Minami moves in with Sena until she can get some money. She was a model but her age (thirty or so) prevents her from getting much modeling work at all.

Other characters include Shinji, Minami's younger brother, and Rumiko, his girlfriend. Ryoke is a student at the college Sena went to, is very good on the piano, and the romantic attraction for Sena at the start of the series.

There is also Momoko, Minami's best friend, a girl who is very blunt and sort of on the wild side. A professional photographer and a former professor of Sena's also are major characters.

This is really, really, really good series. All the acting is very good, the music is beautiful and the constant jumping around of relationships keeps things moving. This has to be right up there with the best Japanese doramas ever made.

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