The Shadow Serial

This is a serial shown in theaters and based on the Shadow. It consists of 15 parts, each part about a half-hour long.

There are some similarities and some differences from the pulp Shadow. In the serial, Lamont is a criminologist and a scientist, both. Margo is his secretary.

Harry Vincent is driving the cab rather than Moe. Instead of Cliff Marsland as a tie to the underground, Lamont Cranston uses the personal of Lin Chang.

Most of the action takes place during the daytime rather than at night.

Otherwise, the series is quite faithful to the pulp magazine Shadow.

Serial synopsis

The Doomed City
The Shadow Attacks
The Shadow's Peril
In the Tiger's Lair
Danger Above
The Shadow's Trap
Where Horror Waits
The Shadow Rides the Rails
The Devil in White
The Underground Trap
Chinatown Night
Murder by Remote Control
Wheels of Death
The Sealed Room
The Shadow's Net Closes

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