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1903 movie

1910 movie

1915 movie

1927 movie

1931 movie

1933 movie

1949 movie

1951 Disney Version

1966: Alice Through the Looking Glass

1972 movie

1973: Alice Through the Looking Glass

1974: Nel mondo di Alice (Italian)

1982: Alice at the Palace

1983: Great Performances

1985 film

1985: Dreamchild

1988: Jan Svankmajer version

1993: A Dance Fantasy

1998: Through the Looking Glass

1999: Alice in Wonderland

1999: Hallmark Version

2007: Ursuk Chin

2008: Phoebe in Wonderland

2010:Tim Burton version

Alice in Wonderland cartoon

The Hunting of the Snark


Through the Looking Glass

Alice in Wonderland: An Ensemble Opera for Seven Singers

Alice in Wonderland Opera in Holland Park


Adventures in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland miniseries

Alice-The Wednesday Play

Alice Through the Looking Glass (live action)

Alice Through the Looking Glass (Barnholtz version, live action)

Children's Theater

1952: Fred Waring Show

1954: Kraft Television Theater

Muppet Show Jabberwocky

Warehouse 13

Angila Television 1985

Cbeebies Alice in Wonderland performance

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