Land of the Lost

The series ran three seasons of differing lengths. The basic story is about a family of three, Rick, Holly and Will Marshall, that get flung into some kind of place that has dinosaurs and creatures called Sleestaks. They have to find a way to try and survive and also try to find a way to escape the Land of the Lost.

The first season is fairly decent; the second season is the best, in my opinion, and the third season is awful. The third season saw the departure of the actor playing their father, so their "uncle" shows up immediately and takes over the role of parent-figure.

Most of the special effects are very cheesy by today's standards, but were decent for when the series was actually made. The show fails to deal with the biggest questions of all, and that is what created the Land of the Lost, since things there work under the control of crystal matrices in pylons and do not necessarily obey the laws of physics.

Episode Reviews and Synopses

Season 1

1. Cha-ka
2. The Sleestak God
3. Dopey
4. Downstream
5. Tag Team
6. The Stranger
7. Album
8. Skylons
9. The Hole
10. The Pacu Who Came to Dinner
11. The Search
12. The Possession
13. Follow that Dinosaur
14. Stone Soup
15. Elsewhen
16. Hurricane
17. Circle

Season 2

18. Tar Pit
19. The Zarn
20. Fair Trade
21. One of Our Pylons is Missing
22. The Test
23. Gravity Storm
24. The Longest Day
25. The Pylon Express
26. A Nice Day
27. The Babysitter
28. The Musician
29. Split Personality
30. Blackout

Season 3

31. Aftershock
32. Survival Kit
33. Orb
34. Repairman
35. Medusa
36. Cornered
37. Flying Dutchman
38. Hot-air Artist
39. Abominable Snowman
40. Timestop
41. Ancient Guardian
42. Scarab
43. Medicine Man

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